A MAN challenged by a householder as he rowed with his girlfriend in the street responded by kicking the door and smashing a window.

Blackburn magistrates heard Mark Craig had initially been given a caution by police on condition he paid for the damage but no money was ever paid.

Craig, 28, of The Spur, Oldham, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a window belonging to Leanne Howarth. He was ordered to pay £300 compensation.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said Leanne Howarth was in her home on Edith Street, Nelson, when she heard a noise from outside at 4 am. She looked out to investigate and saw a man and a woman arguing.

"The man started kicking her front door and hitting the window which smashed," said Mrs Mann.

Gareth Price, defending, said his client had been walking home with his girlfriend when they had a row.

"He says a man came out and said something to his girlfriend which he took exception to," said Mr Price.