A STUDENT nurse put her husband in hospital after hitting him as she drove away from a row in Darwen town centre.

Blackburn magistrates watched CCTV footage of the incident on Railway Road which showed Samantha Fielding driving down the road as her husband ran down the kerb.

As he stepped into the road she swerved left after passing a parked car and there was a collision.

Fielding, 29, of Ermine Close, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.

She was fined £350 with £85 costs and £35 victim surcharge and her licence endorsed with six penalty points.

Adrian Hollanby, prosecuting, said Fielding and her husband, Lee Fielding, had been on a night out together.

"It is accepted that he had a lot to drink," said Mr Hollanby.

"In his first statement he indicated that she collided with him as he stepped into the road to try and flag her down.

In his second statement he said he still loves his wife and had forgiven her for what had happened."

He said Fielding told police her husband was drunk and had become abusive to her over text messages.

She reversed out of a parking spot and drove down the road. As she passed her parked car he came out and she hit him.

"She said she would never intentionally hit him or hurt him," said Mr Hollanby.

"She said she didn't deliberately swerve at him and was just moving over after passing the parked car.

"The Crown would say the level of carelessness her was high.

"It was a busy street and she clearly should have taken more care than she did."

Fielding said when she saw her husband in the road she panicked.

"I'm so sorry for what happened," she said.

"We had a row and my mind was elsewhere."

She said she would never deliberately hurt her husband."