PLANS to close down council charities and distribute the funds to good causes have been confirmed.

Blackburn with Darwen Council executive board members gave their approval to proposals

Blackburn with Darwen Council is the corporate trustee of five inactive charities and trusts that are no longer managed or meeting the purpose they were initially set up to achieve.

The five charities, Harriet Holt Trust, Common Goods Trust, Garstang Lecture Fund, Henrietta Kenyon Bequest and Poors Land Charity, have gradually become redundant resulting in funds sitting in their accounts, unspent for numerous years.

A report before the executive board next week dealt with Henrietta Kenyon Bequest, Harriet Holt Trust and Common Good Trust.

These three charities have funds of £46,116 held in accounts.

Resources chief Cllr Andy Kay said: "Over the last few months we have been going through the process of closing these charities and taking advice on some of the more complex issues.

"We are going to distribute funds. We will not just be handing over cash, we will be asking what they are going to do with the money."