A funeral director and grief recovery specialist has released a book about how to cope with grief.

Owner of Champ Funerals, Lianna Champ, 54, of Ribble Valley, has released the book How To Grieve Like A Champ to help those affected by loss of a loved one.

The book covers the stages of grief and how to deal with each stage through acceptance and moving on.

Mrs Champ explains: “There are several chapters covering the different types of loss such as the loss of a partner, a parent, a child, a sibling or a colleague.

“There is also a chapter covering other types of loss such as the breakdown of a romantic relationship or the loss of a pet.”

Ms Champ wrote the book to help those grieving understand their feelings, accept and overcome them. She said:

“I wrote the book as a much-needed guide to help grievers as there is so little correct information in society about grief. It is a great companion before, during and after loss.

“It talks about the importance of working through the feelings of grief instead of trying to push them away or hold them back. It teaches what is normal and right for us as individuals.”

Former Dragon’s Den investor Richard Farleigh had encouraged Ms Champ to write the book after a friend introduced them.

Mr Farleigh was impressed with Ms Champ’s grief expertise and knowledge and said she had to write a book.

A book launch will take place at Breda Murphy in Whalley on Thursday 05 July from 11.30am-3.00pm.