POLICE are warning people to be vigilant after a resident was targeted by phone scammers.

The scam saw the resident asked to go and buy vouchers to stop them having their internet data being used by people from abroad.

Then the scammer asked them to obtain £500 in vouchers and they said they would ring back to get the codes in a few hours.

But the manager of the store where they went to get the vouchers realised it was a scam and told the customer not to buy any and report it to the police.

Officers from the Blackburn neighbourhood policing team attended the address and said they have received other calls about scammers.

They said: "We have received other calls where the scammer has said there is a outstanding debt against them and they are going to get arrested if they don't buy the vouchers or they can get them thousands from PPI if they get them the vouchers. They normally ask for ITUNES vouchers or Steam vouchers.

"Please be vigilant if you receive any calls in regards to any of your data or the likes being targeted and people asking for personal details.

"End the call and leave the phone for around ten minutes and then speak to someone regarding it if you are concerned or use a different phone than what the call was received on. Scammers will hold a phone line open and will say they are police or similar when you ring."

People can contact the police on 101 or use the online reporting tools.

They can also ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or action fraud on 0300 123 2040.