VILLAGERS were upset after plans for new homes on a greenfield site were passed.

Burnley Council approved 18 new homes on land at Brownside Road, Worsthorne, nearly 15 years after the first application for the land was put in.

The proposal, managed by Kirkwells Planning Consultants, will provide a mixture of houses, which have yet to be revealed, and include affordable housing.

Pike Hill residents David and Valerie Smith, who submitted the application, said they are 'delighted' that outline planning permission has been granted.

Mr Smith, of Bouldsworth Road, said: "It has been a long time coming but obviously we are delighted it has been approved.

"Burnley Council have been obstructive up to this point but I think it's legislation from the government to allow more land to be developed that has allowed this to happen."

Ward councillor Andrew Newhouse has described the decision to approve the plans as "crazy".

He said: "It's a disgraceful decision. The village is full to the brim.

"(The site) is a piece of land that already has development going on there and it's straight across from the school which is at overcapacity. We will lose the village identity.

"It's a complete sell out and makes no sense why the council would grant this."

The greenfield site is made up of two parcels of land that form an 'L' shape near Brownside Road and Lennox Street. It is located near the main entrance to the village and Worsthorne Primary School.

Speaking about the benefits of the new development, Mr Smith added: "It will greatly improve the appearance of that main gateway and tidy that area up.

"There is a need for property in the village. There are two pubs, a club and shops and they will benefit from the extra population."

Concerns were raised by residents and councillors when the revised application was submitted in August last year.

More than 30 letters of objection were sent by people who live in Worsthorne and the parish council also raised concerns on the basis the site is Greenfield and the village school is already oversubscribed.

A 74-year-old man, who has lived in Lennox Street since the 1970s and objected to the proposal, said: "It's ridiculous that the council of Burnley has given planning permission.

"The field is used by children who go up and play football there. Where will they go now?"

A woman, who has lived on the street for 36 years, added: "I'm not sure it's such a good idea. There is an issue of traffic and where people will park there."