KIND-HEARTED children are showing their town's caring side after being spurred into action by a critical documentary on segregation.

Year five and six pupils at Wensley Fold Primary Academy in Blackburn have formed a group called Changing The World Bit By Bit and set up a pantry to supply goods to those in need for free.

Headteacher Donna Simpson said the group was formed after upset pupils came to her wanting to do something about 'things going wrong in the world'.

One thing in particular which inspired the children was the BBC Panorama documentary about segregation in Blackburn broadcast earlier this year.

Now pupils have arranged for a pantry to be installed in their area to supply non-perishable goods for free to those in need in the area.

Headteacher Mrs Simpson said: "I had a group of pupils come to me saying they were quite upset with some of the things going on in the world.

"One of the things that upset them in particular was the BBC documentary which said there was a lot of segregation in Blackburn.

"They just wanted to do something to try to help in any way they can.

"That's why we set up this group with the children, they wanted to bring about some change."

The school raised money for the cabinet through an online fundraising page, which raised more than £165, and the pupils painted it themselves.

A location is to be decided on where to put it, but once erected pupils will also go to check on the cabinet two times a week.

They would also encourage people to make donations such as tins of soup, toiletries, nappies and baby milk.

The group, which involves 12 pupils, meets weekly after school and has three main goals.

They want to help people living on their own, help the environment and work to feed people less fortunate than themselves.

Mrs Simpson said: "The little free pantry has the motto 'take what you need, leave what you can'.

"We just hope people act responsibly and use it properly for the benefit of society."

The school is deciding where to put the pantry to supply food and a meeting has been arranged with St Silas' Church to see if it has space for it.

If not Mrs Simpson said they would find another appropriate site in the area.