A MAN who had been refused entry to a supermarket returned minutes later brandishing a hammer.

Blackburn magistrates heard Darren Lee Minshull was waving the hammer round while making racist threats towards a security guard.

Minshull, 41, of Irwell Street, Bacup, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated threatening behaviour. He was sent on bail to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on August 13.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said Minshull had previously been ejected from the Morrisons store in Bacup and was challenged by security guard Adnan Qaiser.

"He made repeated racist comments before eventually leaving," said Mrs Mann.

"He returned minutes later brandishing the hammer and making further racist comments.

"It is hard to imagine a situation that is more serious than someone at their place of work being met with threats by a hammer wielding man."