BRITAIN's most convicted man is back in prison after urinating on two buses in front of passengers and sexually assaulting a woman.

Preston Crown Court heard 62-year-old Patrick Ryan has run up 469 convictions for a total of 668 offences.

Referring to the sheer number of Ryan's convictions, a probation officer said in his pre-sentence report that he'd 'never seen a record like it'.

Ryan, of no fixed address but who has lived at Highfield House bail hostel, Accrington, has mainly committed theft offences but was convicted of a sexual assault in 2004.

His latest crime saw him given an 18-month jail term by judge Andrew Jefferies QC.

Emma Kehoe, prosecuting, said Ryan had been on the number 23 bus travelling to Preston on April 24 this year when he exposed himself and started urinating.

He was seen by a woman on the bus who reported him to the driver.

Ryan, who had been drinking, then started doing up his trouser zip and began 'staggering' on his feet towards the same woman.

The court heard how he then grabbed her breasts with both hands, with the victim saying he 'squeezed hard so they hurt'.

Ms Kehoe said: "The woman alerted the driver and the bus was stopped and Ryan got off.

"He then got on another bus and started urinating again." Ryan was then arrested.

The court also heard a victim statement from the woman, who said she was anxious about getting on a bus following the incident.

She said it had brought anxiety 'that had already existed'.

Beverley Hackett, defending, said there were question marks over his own mental health.

She said: "This has been brought on by his drinking.

"There are other signs it has deteriorated in processing information.

"Ryan has said how he carries the most previous convictions and that's why the press take an interest in him."

Ryan pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and sexual assault on a woman.

Judge Jefferies QC said: "You're 62 and you expose yourself and urinate on a bus.

"You're drunk and stumbling and grope a woman.

"No one should have to be groped by a drunk man.

"You then go on another bus and because of the effect of the drink, you urinate again.

"In the context of this sentence, your offences are minor for a man of good character, not that I'm undermining the seriousness of sexual assault.

"But you have an unenviable record of previous convictions.

"These include theft and dishonesty offences and a sexual assault in 2004.

"Set against that record, I have no hesitation in sentencing you to 18 months in prison.

"You will serve half of that sentence and will be released on licence and supervision after that.

"During the period of licence and supervision, this would be be a good time to look at your mental health and drinking problem."