AN ENGLAND fan who had been celebrating his team’s win against Panama took his girlfriend’s car without permission, despite her putting the keys under her pillow when she went to bed.

Blackburn magistrates heard Jake Boothman crashed the 2017 registered Audi causing extensive damage to it and two other vehicles.

And when he was being transferred between police stations later in the night he was racially abusive towards a police officer.

Boothman, 24, of Victoria Street, Earby, pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, failing to provide a specimen for analysis and racially aggravated threatening behaviour.

He was jailed for 24 weeks, banned from driving for 36 months and ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge.

Sentencing Boothman the chairman of the magistrates said the only good thing to come out of the incident was that Boothman had not hurt anyone.

“You caused over £5,000 worth of damage and your girlfriend was obviously worried try to take her car because she put the keys under her pillow,” he said.

“You were repeatedly abusive towards the officer and his religion and who knows what the figures would have been if you provided a sample.”

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said the vehicle belonged to the defendant’s girlfriend and they had been together on Sunday.

“He was drinking cans of Stella and then went and got a bottle of Jack Daniels and she also mentions drug taking,” said Mrs Mann.

“She went to bed with her car keys under her pillow. She woke up to see him climbing out of the window and he then got into the car and drove off.”

Mrs Mann said Boothman drove the car to Burnley and there were several 999 calls about collisions involving the vehicle.

He eventually hit a kerb knocking a wheel off the Audi. When he was challenged by a police officer Boothman became aggressive and hostile towards the officer.

“At the police station he was extremely aggressive and refused to provide a breath sample,” said Mrs Mann.

Keith Blackwell, defending, said his client had been watching England beat Panama and had been celebrating.

“He had far too much to drink and after he went to bed but, for some reason, he ended up getting in the car and driving to Burnley.

“He can’t explain why he drove the car or his behaviour in the back of the police van which he deeply regrets,” said Mr Blackwell.

“It is not the sort of thing he would normally do and he is shocked by his own behaviour.”