WE have taken a trip down memory lane to take a look at Blackburn throughout the years.

This time we have looked at the Salford area, and think these images should stir some happy memories of days gone by.

One of the shots shows a view up Penny Street from the town centre back in the 1950s.

This view has changed vastly throughout the years - just take a look at how it looked back then, with hardly a private car in sight.

There is another shot showing the Salford roundabout in 1963.

Another interesting photograph is of the workmen on the site.

Nowadays on a building site or at roadworks you would expect to see hi-vis jackets and hard hats due to health and safety regulations - there was nothing of the kind in those days.

The picture shows workers in string vests and one even without a top on waiting to start work.

There are lots of people just carrying on with their daily routine while work is taking place.

Further back in the history of the town is a picture of Holme Street in about 1910.

Beneath the tramlines and granite setts covering the bridge flows the River Blakewater.

Other pictures include the Lord Nelson’s forerunner - the Bull’s Head, or ‘Roundabout’.