MOVE over Jamie Oliver and James Martin. These students are cooking up books to help raise money for the Anaphalxia campaign after one of their former pupils died last year.

Members of the Foundation Pathways course at St Christopher’s Sixth Form in Accrington have produced a pair of recipe books, designed to be a vital resource to young people who are about to fly the nest for the first time.

The two books, Recipe Mania and Easy Cooking for Home Aloners have been produced as part of one of the students’ qualifications, the Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills BTEC Level One and Two, and they are meals to inspire their peers to cook, not only for themselves but for their new housemates, if they are going off to university in September.

The kind-hearted students also decided to donate all profits from the sales to a cause very close to the hearts of everyone at St Christopher’s.

Proceeds will be going to the Anaphylaxis Campaign after one of the school’s former students, Megan Lee, died on New Year’s Day in 2017 after a severe allergic reaction, two days after eating a takeaway meal.

Teacher Mrs Pip Johnstonewho led the students through the qualification and creation of the recipe books said: “This has been a fantastic project to lead.

“The students have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into the task and remained focused on trying to raise money for the Anaphylaxis Campaign, in memory of Megan Lee, a member of our school community who very sadly passed away last year.

“The project ended up being far bigger than we originally planned but it’s been well worth the extra effort. I’m very proud of how the students have enthusiastically embraced the task and what they have ultimately produced,” said Mrs Johnstone.

Headteacher Richard Jones said: “As a school community we are keen to do all that we can to honour the memory of Megan Lee. One way of doing this is by offering ongoing financial support to the Anaphylaxis Campaign – a very worthy charity."

"We have already raised thousands of pounds for this cause and I am delighted that the Foundation Pathways Recipe Books will make yet another contribution.”

If you would like to order copies of the recipe books, please contact They cost £2.50 each or the pair can be purchased for £4.00. ALL proceeds go to Anaphylaxis Campaign.