A HEARTBROKEN mother has featured in a documentary about online pain challenges which took the life of her 14-year-old son.

Burnley fan Jack Pickles died in February 2015 after playing the deadly “choking game”- also known as ‘the good boys game’ in his bedroom.

And his mother Selina Booth, who believes her son played the game after seeing it on the internet, has appeared on BBC Three production ‘Face The Consequences’.

The programme shows the grieving mother coming face-to-face with three young people posting potentially dangerous videos that are being copied by young people online.

Ms Booth now hopes the programme will raise awareness of the tragic consequences of the videos.

She said: “In the programme, I meet up with one girl who filmed various friends playing the game.

“I also speak to two boys uploaded videos to You Tube, who play silly games and film them.

“I’ve seen clips of young people putting sellotape around their face until they’re choking and others of them putting knives on an oven hub, getting the knife up to a certain heat and then putting the knife on their arms.

“There’s another one where a young person is allowing paintball guns to be hit at them from close range.

“It’s basically children doing silly things and filming it for an audience on You Tube.

Ms Booth found her son, a Todmorden High School student,lying dead in his bedroom on February 2.

She has campaigned ever since to get the danger message out there and has set-up a petition calling for a ban on website from publishing videos that lead children to harm themselves.

It has garnered 870 signatures.

She said: “I think these games are just stupid.

“They don’t show people how and what to do and there’s no pre-warning.

"They're basically just doing it to get an audience.

“My son saw the choking game online and saw other people in it and thought they’re okay so I will be.

“But my son lost his life because of it.

“I agreed to appear on this programme to raise awareness and hope it highlights the dangers of these games for young people and anyone.”

‘Face The Consequences’ is now live on iPlayer and it will appear on Facebook and You Tube from July 4.

A preview and the full series is available to watch on iPlayer by visiting: