FIVE students filmed themselves sneaking a pupil from another school into their lessons – then uploaded a video of the prank to Instagram.

The footage shows pupils from Witton Park Academy giving a friend from St Wilfrid's a blazer and tie for their own school, then filming him walking with them into the building.

He is then seen in a lesson while his mates laugh and joke off camera.

It appears from the video that the boy walked into the school and into a lesson unchallenged by teaching staff who did not realise the lad was not a registered student.

The students involved have since been banned from attending their leavers' prom, it has been claimed.

Khyzer Suleman, father of Daiyaan Suleman, 16, who was one of the five who was suspended, but claims his son did not video the incident, said the school's punishment has tarnished all five of the children with the same brush.

Mr Suleman, 47, said: "My son has been made to feel like an outcast.

"He has not been allowed to go to school apart from do his exams.

"I don't feel the punishment is right, its unfair.

"He was given a week's detention with no breaks as well as not being allowed to attend school events.

"He didn't film the video, but has been punished in the same way as the pupil who did.

"I am not happy about what my son did but I'm not happy with the school's response either.

"This raises serious safeguarding issues but the school only seem concerned about punishing the boys involved.

"This was a prank at the end of the day but what would happen if it was someone with bad intentions? What systems has the school got in place?

"No teachers questioned the boy at any time."

The video – filmed last Thursday – was later sent to the 'Londonbaithead' Instagram account, which publishes prank videos, and has since been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Dean Logan, Witton Park Academy's headteacher, said: "No year 11 pupils have been excluded.

"Expectations of all pupils are high and appropriate sanctions are put into place where pupils do not meet our high standards.

"As you would expect, safeguarding pupils is of the highest priority and is effective."