A WEATHER warning has been issued for East Lancashire as heavy wind and rain is set to batter the north of the country.

The yellow weather warning is in place from 3am on Thursday, where winds of up to 60mph are expected.

The bad weather, which has been dubbed 'Storm Hector', will bring a temporary stop to the warm and sunny weather as it rolls in from the Atlantic.

Much of the country is in for a shock though the north of England, Scotland and Northern Wales is expected to be the worst hit.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "Thursday will be a grey start with heavy rain and gales for many,

"However it will start to brighten up later with sunny spells breaking through and winds easing, with temperatures of 20 degrees expected."

The weather warning remains in place until 3pm on Thursday.

Though warm temperatures will remain over the weekend, cloud cover and showers are expected.