A DRAFT neighbourhood plan has been released by a town council.

Colne Town councillors have invited residents to comment on their latest draft Colne plan, a document which sets out the council's list of objectives for the town until 2030.

The objectives include preserving the town's heritage, protecting their green spaces and increasing the supply of housing.

Pendle Council has devolved the allocation of land for housing to the town council as it develops its Neighbourhood Plan in parallel with the borough council's local plan.

The Working Group, which consists of residents’ Groups, such as The Waterside Neighbourhood Action Group, Lidgett & Beyond and The Horsfield Residents’ Association, has been working on The Plan, refining its policies and building up its evidence for 18 months.

Cllr Sarah Cockburn-Price, chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, said: "If you care about Colne, its heritage, its facilities, its town centre, its green spaces, its transport or how it will grow, we want you to have your say."

The whole plan can be viewed across several dedicated pages on the town council’s website: www.colnetowncouncil.org.uk/neighbourhood-plan/

The e-mail address to write to with your support or comments is: np@colnetowncouncil.org.uk by June 30.