LANCASHIRE County Council highways bosses have admitted that 30mph speed limit signs on the country lanes near two schools are meaningless.

Now they have asked the authority's Cabinet to legally impose the restriction on Clod Lane, Green Lane and Ewood Lane near Haslingden High and Broadway Primary Schools.

They have dismissed a call for a 20mph limit to be put in place instead.

The officers' report to councillors says: "The three roads which are the subject of the proposed speed limit order are already signed as having a 30mph speed limit.

"However the absence of street lighting on sections of the roads, without the benefit of a valid speed limit order, renders the roads de-restricted.

"The introduction of the proposed order provides the requisite 30mph speed limit order. These roads are by their nature country lanes."

The 30mph limit would apply on Clod Lane from a point 295 metres south of its junction with Manchester Road to its junction with Greens Lane, on the entire length of Ewood Lane, and on Greens Lane from a point 475 metres east of Brooklands Avenue to its junction with Ewood Lane

In response to the call for a 20mph limit, the report says: "The roads have a low accident record comprising two minor injuries to pedestrians over the past five years and neither incident was related to children travelling to or from school. For these reasons a lower speed limit is not recommended."