SHOP staff refused to serve a customer because she appeared to be drunk and then took her car keys to stop her driving off.

Blackburn magistrates heard police found dance teacher Ann-Louise Bragagnini was nearly three times the drink-drive limit.

Bragagnini, 51, of Whittingham Lane, Broughton, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol.

She was fined £630 with £85 costs and £63 victim surcharge and banned from driving for 20 months.

The court heard she gave a reading of 96 against the legal limit of 35.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Bragagnini entered a store on Whittingham Road, Longridge, at 3.15 pm and tried to buy two bottles of wine.

She was refused service because staff thought she was drunk and when she went to set off in her car they took the keys off her and called the police.

Simon Gretton, defending, said his client had no previous convictions and had lead a 'blameless life'.

He said Bragagnini had suffered from depression after her husband and father of her two children walked out on her 20 years ago.

"Three years ago she lost her brother to cancer and her depression became much worse," said Mr Gretton.

"During that period she has often drunk to excess as a way of blotting out her pain."