A DERELICT barn will be turned into holiday accommodation in a rural village.

Burnley Council has approved the plan to convert a barn into residential accommodation in Hurstwood Lane, Hurstwood.

The barn, which is behind the listed building Hurstwood Hall, is currently a derelict detached stone building and has been subject to increasing weather erosion.

The applicant said the aim is to ‘fully restore’ the barn by replacing its roof and walls and constructing a rear extension to provide a bedroom and kitchen to bring the building back into use.

In the planning statement, a spokesman said: “The barn adds to the historic interest of the hamlet.

“A new use for the barn is therefore needed to ensure the building has an economic purpose to secure its purpose.”

David Lee, co-owner of Hurstwood Hall Guest House, said he thought the accommodation could become an ‘asset’ for the area.

He said: “We are very happy for it go ahead. The building is falling down and they are giving it life.

“Our view is it will be an asset to the village and attract more visitors to the area.”

However some local groups have raised concerns about the application.

Cllr Andrew Newhouse, who represents the area and is leader of the Conservative group on Burnley Council, said: “Anything that would bring more people to Worsthorne and Hurstwood is a good thing.

“We have a wonderful area. We are part of Burnley but we are rural Burnley and have lots of things to see.

“People take part in many walks and bike rides and runnings clubs and the nice weather draws out the hikers.

“Hopefully more people from out of the area will come to visit this summer.”

However, Burnley and Pendle Ramblers, a group which consists of 300 people who walk across Lancashire and Yorkshire hills surrounding Burnley, Nelson and Colne, have raised concerns about the application.

In a document submitted to the council, a spokesman has asked the council to ensure the development does not block a ‘well used’ footpath or for parking for people who go on walks in the area.

They said: “We note there is a footpath which passes along the access road alongside the property from the Waterboard car park to the road junction in front of the Great Barn, in the centre of Hurstwood.

“This is a well used footpath and access road for parking for walks in this area and must not be blocked.”