A WOMAN who stole £184,000 in cash from her former employer has been told to prepare herself for jail.

Preston Crown Court heard how 61-year-old Beryl Ann Shore stole the money from MGS Technical Plastics, based in Centurion Business Park, Blackburn, over five years.

Shore, of Kirkdale Close, Darwen, pleaded guilty to a single count of theft of £184,656 between January 2011 and January 2016.

The court heard that the prosecution evidence indicated that Shore, who was unrepresented in court, had stolen closer to £123,000.

But the defendant’s own documents had indicated she had stolen more.

Shore’s co-defendant and former accounts worker Kathryn Jones pleaded guilty to theft of £600,000 from MGS Plastics between January 2011 and January 2016 and theft of £184,000 from the company between the same dates when she appeared before Blackburn magistrates earlier this year.

Shore’s case was adjourned for the preparation of a medical report and pre-sentence report.

Shore and Jones, 49, of Sough Road, Darwen, are expected to be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on June 18.

Prosecuting, Martineh Jabari said: “I understand as a result of the discussions between the Crown and the defence, those representing Miss Shore have set out a basis of plea that she didn’t initially intend to embark on a serious dishonest course of conduct.

“But when she became aware of it she continued with it.

"That is not something the Crown intends to seek a trial of issue on.”

The Lancashire Telegraph exclusively reported last month, when the case was heard at the magistrates court, that the thefts had put the firm into dire financial straits.

There will be a proceeds of crime proceedings to recover the money stolen.

Giving Shore unconditional bail, Judge Philip Parry said: “I must warn you that simply because I am adjourning your case and ordering a pre-sentence report and medical report is not an indication of what is likely to happen in your case.

“All options, including a term of custody, will be open to the Judge at your sentencing hearing. You must prepare yourself for that.”

Neil Garrity, MGS Technical Plastics manufacturing director, said: “Following the hearing, we are pleased that Mrs Beryl Shore has finally made a guilty plea and hope that justice is served correctly.

“This has been a complicated theft and the workforce are awaiting the sentencing of both involved parties on the July 18.

“Fortunately, the company got through this and over the last two years has gone from strength to strength with the support and professionalism of our workforce.

"However, once the final verdict has been given, we can finally put this to rest.”