'DEVASTATING' flash flooding struck towns and villages across East Lancashire last night.

Roads and gardens became submerged in water in a matter of hours as heavy rainfall fell on the region at around 6pm.

Eyewitnesses said man-hole covers were pushed up and water was seen fountaining out of them in Earby, Barnoldswick and Salterforth.

Parts of roads had also been uplifted.

Cllr David Whipp, who represents the area on Pendle Council, said firefighters were called to a business in Long Ing Mill to pump out flood water.

He said: "It was pretty devastating, there was three inches of rain in Salterforth.

"There was heavy rain for a couple of hours and at first we all thought it was a good thing as we needed a bit of rain.

"However we soon realised there was too much falling.

"Sandbags we had acquired after the terrible floods in 2015 were put around people's doorways which helped keep the water at bay.

"There was flash floods in Salterforth Road in Earby, as well as Long Ing Lane in Barnoldswick."

Other roads affected include Skipton Road and Albion Street in Earby.