A ROUNDABOUT has been installed in an attempt to slow down traffic and cut the risk of accidents.

The mini roundabout has been put in place at the junction of Priory Drive and Pole Lane in Darwen by Blackburn with Darwen Council.

The work, part of the Ellison Fold Way project, includes the installation of the roundabout as well as a new junction in Priory Drive with Marsh House Lane and junction improvements at either end of Oak Grove.

This is to help in the building of the new link road which is under construction and will run from Marsh House Lane to Ivinson Road. A council spokesman said: “This is part of the Ellison Fold Way project as part of wider improvements but in particular to change priorities for traffic, slow traffic down and improve sightlines.”

Darwen councillor Roy Davies said he hoped the project would reduce accidents.

He said: “To be honest I have mixed feelings about it. People have got to get used to it. Hopefully, and once they do, it will slow down the traffic travelling along Pole Lane, which can only be a good thing because they come down there going hell for leather.

“There will be 13 road junctions affected including one with Sough Road that I think will be well worth it because of the number of accidents that happen there.”

However he said he was concerned that the measures were only being installed to aid construction of the new link road, which he opposed.

He said: “They are putting them in now to help the traffic but they should have done it a long time ago. We should not have to wait for a new road to be installed before something can be done about traffic issues.

“If they are doing it now it’s clearly a health and safety issue that should have been addressed long before the new road was announced.”