A FORMER army officer who donated a kidney to stranger has slammed her treatment in hospital as ‘embarrassing and shameful’.

Jaqui Collins donated her organ in May last year but has since criticised Royal Manchester Infirmary after a series of alleged incidents.

The 54-year-old claimed she was not given pain killers following her operation which caused her to spend the following night in agony.

Jaqui, who is known as an altruistic or living donor, said she told three nurses her cannula, a tube inserted into the arm to administer medication, was loose and not attached properly, which led to it falling out while she was showering.

The former regimental sergeant major in the Royal Military Police from Clayton-le-Moors also claimed her hospital gown was not attached properly and fell off her, exposing her body, while being moved by hospital nurses.

She said: “My body was exposed to the room and the corridor, because the door was wide open, it was so embarrassing.

“The nurses said they had to move me because I was going to get bed sores, but I was in so much pain from having no medication I was screaming and begging them to stop.

“My gown, which hadn’t been put on correctly, it just went over my arms, it fell off in front of everyone.

“There was so much stress involved, I had gone into hospital to do something good, to do the right thing.

“The last straw came when I was given someone else’s medication as well as my own, it was embarrassing and shameful.

“I had my own medication and someone else’s morphine. That could have potentially been fatal as I could have taken them without realising.”

Jaqui, who spent 32 years in the armed forces, was inspired to donate by two of her army colleagues who gifted a kidney to relatives.

Jaqui was given compensation in the region of £350 by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust to cover the costs of parking tickets and travel.

A Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are really sorry for the distress that Ms Collins experienced while under our care.

“The trust has conducted a full investigation into her concerns we have apologised to Ms Collins and shared the findings of our investigation with her.

“Following the outcome of the investigation we have made changes to prevent this happening again.”