THIS IS the 'disgraceful moment' that a litter lout drove to a residential street in Rishton to dump two car loads of rubbish in a unsuspecting man's tip.

The dumper, who can be seen pulling up to the driveway before unloading rubbish into the almost empty skip, left the area and returned shortly after to dump a second load.

Jordan Allen, who paid £120 for the tip said he couldn't believe his eyes when he returned home to realise the skip had been filled.

He said:"I've had the skip for two weeks while I've had some work done on the house. 

"This happened at about 5:15pm on Monday and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was going on. He even had the cheek to return with a second load. 

"I've had to pay £120 for that skip for him to come and use it to dump all of his rubbish."

Despite CCTV picking up the man fly-tipping his rubbish, the quality of the video is not clear enough for police to pursue action.

Mr Allen said: "Because they can't see the car registration it's hard for them to do anything about it."

Mr Allen also added that residents have set up a Whatsapp group called 'The Watch' where residents can share information to try and clamp down on this kind of behaviour.