A DAUGHTER who has cared for her mother since she was six-years-old is trying to raise money to buy driving lessons in order to give her mum more freedom.

Paiton Harrison, 17, has been the carer of her mum, Saira Harrison, 49, who has suffered with severe mobility issues after battling with ovarian cancer, arthritis in her back and sciatica pain.

Paiton's childhood and teenage life has involved full care of her mother, including getting dressed, washing, cleaning and food shopping.

Wanting to help even more, the Accrington Academy Sixth Form student is trying to raise around £1,200 for driving lessons to take her mum to hospital check ups in her motability car.

Paiton, from Accrington, said: "My mum had ovarian cancer and had to have a total hysterectomy, which caused several complications and it involves her being in considerable pain all the time.

"She struggles to drive because the movements cause her so much pain she struggles to move throughout the rest of the day, and it can affect her for a few days after it.

"If I can raise enough money I can pass my driving test I can not only drive her to her hospital check ups, we can go out together and go shopping.

"Due to her ill health, my mum lost her job two years ago and is unable to pay for me to have my theory test and driving lessons.

"I really want to get a job myself however it’s currently difficult because caring for my mum means that I don’t have much spare time to actually go to work due to being required to stay home most of the time to look after my mum.

"If there was a driving instructor out there who could help me out with lessons in any way I would be really grateful."

Paiton is currently studying media, drama and business and aims to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after college.

Paiton said: "It was difficult looking after my mum as a child.

"However as I have grown up I have got used to it, it's the only life I have ever known.

"It's tough yes, but I love my mum and I like caring for her."

To donate to Paiton's cause, visit https://uk.gofundme.com/funding-for-driving-lessons.