A SHOP boss who sold counterfeit goods including cigarettes, BMW ‘shock light’ key fobs, Manchester United lighters, Liverpool Football Club money boxes, cricket bats and Star Trek tops has been told to do 100 hours’ unpaid work.

Burnley Crown Court heard how trading standards inspectors went to Scotland Road News in Nelson in December 2015 following reports counterfeit and illicit good were being sold.

In the ‘postal room’ they found 15 packets of counterfeit Regal cigarettes, 31 packets of Mayfair cigarettes, seven packets of Amber Leaf hand-rolling tobacco and 17 packets of Marlboro cigarettes.

The court heard how Shabir Siddique said he was the manager of Scotland Road News and the adjoining Jean Junction and Pendle Schoolwear.

During the inspection of those premises officers found a number of counterfeit items, including 21 Berghaus hats; 23 Reebok cricket bats; 13 Adidas cricket bats; 72 Puma cricket bats; 398 assorted Frozen merchandise; 659 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse badges; 44 Monsters Inc. badges; 373 Star Wars badges; 10 Wonder Woman badges and 209 Batman badges.

Other counterfeit items included 76 Flash badges; 14 Mortal Kombat badges; 370 Superman badges; 1,492 assorted Harry Potter merchandise; 69 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; 20 South Park badges; 382 Red Bull badges; 394 Ford badges; 1,028 Star Trek badges; 141 Star Trek tops; 518 The Punisher badges; 484 Agents Of Shield badges; 29 Captain America badges; four Iron Man badges, 100 James Bond 007 badges; 789 BMW badges; 497 Jaguar badges (616 Land Rover badges.

During an inspection in March 2016 officers found counterfeit items, including 10 BMW ‘shock light’ key fobs; Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool Football Club lighters; Liverpool Football Club money boxes; and Frozen merchandise.

In October 2016, a test purchase on Amazon was made for a counterfeit BMW seatbelt shoulder pads for £4.99. The seller’s name was Jean Junction

Siddique, 47, who lives in Huddersfield, pleaded guilty to 50 trademark infringement offences. He faces a Proceeds of Crime hearing.