A ROAD is closed as an investigation has been launched after a 'deliberate' fire at a disused warehouse in Haslingden last night.

Some residents had to be evacuated from their homes after the blaze at a former warehouse on Beaconsfield Road at 10.35pm.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service tweeted about the incident. 

Locals were concerned about the blaze extending to nearby properties but no-one was hurt.

An eyewitness said: "You could hear the fire before you could see it because of the loud popping noises it was making.

"It was shocking the ferocity of it especially on a mostly residential street.

Another eyewitness Karen Marsh added: "I was a bit scared could fell the heat though my kitchen window and bedroom.

"We stood outside for a while till it was nearly out loads of smoke still smell it in the flat.

"Was worried that cars and garage' s would be affected nut that were ok.

"The firemen where great at keeping it contained not much sleep had for me.

"We live in the flats at the back of the building peninehouse very close a bit to close for comfort.

"There's a three storey apartment and alot of garages nearby so the potential for loss of life was very real."

A Lancashire Fire Service spokesman added: "At 6.20am this morning, crews were still there to damp the fire down.

"Firefighters used main jets, ground monitors and the water jets mounted on ALP and Stinger to extinguish the fire.

"The Stinger and its crew remain on site this morning damping down the fire.
"The fire is believed to have been started deliberately and a joint investigation by fire and police has begun.

"A number of nearby residents were evacuated at the height of the fire as a precaution but there were no casualties."