A DEVASTATED mother has been left heartbroken after ‘sick’ vandals trashed her son’s grave for the third time.

Susan Thomas said that yobs had ‘totally destroyed’ her son Brett’s grave, revealing it was the second time in six months that such an act had taken place.

Brett, who was a private in the army, committed suicide in 2004 at the age of 17 and is buried next to Susan’s husband Frank in Pleasington Cemetery, Blackburn.

Mrs Thomas said: “They’ve completely destroyed his grave, we can’t believe this has happened again.

“We found his headstone had been ripped from the ground and an attempt had been made to throw it in the nearby brook, but it was obviously too heavy for them to throw so they just left it dumped on the ground.

“All of the ornaments that we decorated his grave with have been smashed up and these had recently been replaced since it last happened in November.

“How can Brett rest in peace with all of this going on?”

The first time Brett’s grave was trashed by vandals was in 2005, shortly after he was buried, and a similar incident happened again in November 2017.

The most recent attack on his grave marks the third time something like this has happened since the Private was laid to rest.

The incident is currently under police investigation, but Mrs Thomas said she is doubtful the perpetrators will ever be found.

She said: “The last time this happened there wasn’t enough evidence for the police to find out who was responsible, and it will probably be the same this time around. There is no CCTV in the area.

“Brett was such a kind, gentle soul who wouldn’t harm a fly, these sick people who are doing this to his grave have no reason to not let him rest in peace.”

Brett was a former Darwen Vale High School pupil who served in the Royal Logistics Corp at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.

A spokesperson for the police confirmed that the incident was reported to them and is currently under investigation.