POLICE have issued a warning about a doorstep scam where people purporting to be deaf attempt to sell crude drawing to unsuspecting householders.

People have been told not to give the ‘con artists’ any money and warn their friends and family.

PCSO Chris Hamer said: “It’s that time of year again. Hearing about the ‘deaf doorstep artists’ are in the Ramsbottom area. More like con artists.

“They usually prey on the elderly trying to sell ‘hand drawn’ charcoal sketches that are in fact photocopies for £10 to £20 each. Warn your friends and family.”

Call police on 101.

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Other recent warnings in East Lancs include fraudsters pretending to be police officers to gain people's bank details.

Lancashire Telegraph:

People have also been duped by an online Facebook dead celebrity con involving clicking on a link which then tells people they have been infected by a virus.