A COUNCILLOR and his family were left ‘traumatised’ after his car was deliberately set on fire outside his home.

Cllr Mohammad Sakib watched in horror as his family car, an Audi Q7, was set on fire outside his home in Regent Street, Nelson, at 2.10am on Saturday.

The 46-year-old Labour member’s wife, Gulnaz Daar, heard a popping noise from outside her home and discovered the car engulfed in flames on the driveway.

The fire service arrived within minutes and extinguished the blaze which had caused damage to the car’s front.

A fire service spokesman said an investigation is underway to find out the cause of the deliberate fire.

Speaking on behalf of Cllr Sakib, Cllr Mohammed Iqbal, leader of Pendle Council, said he cannot understand why someone would do such a thing.

He said: “It has traumatised his family and his children because it happened so close to their home.

“Words are beyond me but I would describe these actions are those of a mindless individual.

“Cllr Sakib has no grudge against anyone, he is very well respected in the community and has lived in the area for around 17 years and never had an issue before.

“The CCTV shows someone walking up to the car, pouring petrol over it and casually getting out a lighter and setting the car on fire.

“It is clearly a professional job, its not been done by a chancer, someone has deliberately targeted the car.”

A police spokesman said officers were called to the scene at 2.45am and an investigation was on going to catch those responsible.

Cllr Azhar Ali, who represents the area on Lancashire County Council, said: “The family are lucky to be alive.

“What would have happened if the car blew up? It could have killed everyone in the house.

“This is a truly shocking incident and those responsible need to be caught.”