A PENSIONER has been hit with a litter fine for dropping crumbs from a pork pie.

Peter Vipham, 75, from Rawtenstall, said he was approached by enforcements officers and given a £50 fine.

The retired shoemaker said the officer ‘cautioned’ him before slapping him with the fine for dropping crumbs in the street, just yard away from where pigeons were being fed.

He said: “My partner and I were shopping and we got peckish so we bought a couple of mini pork pies in Marks and Spencer.

“We couldn’t eat them in the store so we stood outside with them.

"A single crumb fell on the floor and when a couple of crumb specks fell onto my jumper I just brushed them off.

“We then walked over the road and I was grabbed by this woman, I thought she was selling something so I said no thank you.

“I realised there were two of them and they took us round the corner. They cautioned me and said they had been videoing me and had seen me dropping litter.

“They asked for ID, said I had been issued with a £50 fine and gave me a ticket.

“That was it. They wouldn’t show me the footage."

The incident happened in Manchester city centre last week.

Mr Vipham said he would not be paying the fine after being ‘treated like a criminal’ and would be seeking legal advice.

He said: “Their attitude was really bad. When the pulled me to the side I thought ‘What have I done? Have I shoplifted?’.

"They treated me like a criminal and it was all over a few crumbs.

“It’s ridiculous, because 200 yards further up there were pigeons being fed and there was food all over the ground.

“My partner and I couldn’t get over it,. All day it was all we could think about.

“I’m not going to pay it. I’ve spoken to a solicitor."

Manchester City Council have vowed to look into Mr Vipham’s complaint.

A council spokesman said: “We would clearly not fine somebody for accidentally leaving a few crumbs on the ground, but when people drop significant amounts of food, this is not a trivial matter, as it can attract rats and other pests.

“We will review the evidence and contact Mr Vipham to discuss his case further.”