A TAXI driver who allowed his children to travel in his car without being strapped in has had his licence revoked.

Basharat Hussain appealed Rossendale Council’s decision to revoke his licence but lost his case at Burnley Crown Court.

The court heard Mr Hussain, who works for Airside Taxis had his Hackney Carriage licence revoked by the council after a random check revealed that he had failed to notify the council of motoring convictions within a seven-day time limit.

The court heard how Mr Hussain, 53, had been stopped by police in September 2015 after an officer noticed a child in his vehicle was not wearing a seatbelt.

On stopping the vehicle, the officer noticed a second child was in its mother arms being breastfed. Checks showed the car was uninsured.

Mr Hussain was ordered to pay a fine and was given six penalty points on his normal driving licence, he then had his Hackney Carriage licence revoked after failing to report the conviction to the council.

Judge Recorder Mark Laprelle said the council was right to revoke the licence.

He said: “We are in no doubt it was the right conclusion. He can’t be trusted to comply to road safety. We do not believe he has played a straight bat with us in relation to notifying the council.

When appealing the case Mr Hussain, of Skipton, claimed he had been unable to stop because he was travelling on a dual carriageway from Keighley to Skipton and was a mile away from the next bay.

However, under cross examination Mr Hussain revealed he had been travelling on single carriage way at the time and would have been able to pull over and ensure the children were strapped in.

In summing up Recorder Laprelle said the court felt Mr Hussain had tried to ‘pull the wool over their eyes’.

He said: “Mr Hussain said the reason he was driving along with a child unfastened was because he was on a dual carriageway. He deliberately lied about the location of where it took place and then deliberately misled us about the reason two children were not strapped in.

“If he can’ t be trusted to make sure his own children are strapped in, he will be less concerned about his customers.”

Mr Hussain was ordered to pay £200 costs.