A MAN has complained about a neighbour's extension which he says is close to touching his home.

Neal Robinson's next-door neighbours have been extending their Markham Road home in Blackburn for several months after buying the house last summer.

But Mr Robinson said he was ‘totally disgusted’ by how close the extension is to his house.

He said part of it was even ‘touching the gutter pipes of his home’ which he said he was struggling to sell and claimed had lost its value.

Blackburn with Darwen Council approved the two-storey side extension and extension of roof to create a second floor.

Mr Robinson, who lives with wife Denise, said: “The neighbour’s extension is actually touching the guttering of our house.

“They’ve also dug right up against the gate at the side of the house, which has caused there to be cracks in the ceiling.

“We put the house up for sale at the end of January at a guide price of just under £170,000 but we’ve not got it at £120,000.

“One couple have visited us in two-and-a-half months and we found out they were put off by the extension.

“It really is horrendous and I’m totally disgusted.”

The neighbours were unavailable for comment.

Gavin Prescott, development manager at the council said: “We have met with Mr Robinson on numerous occasions. The extension has been moved slightly from the guttering so it is not physically touching it but is close to the party boundary.

“This was not shown on the submitted drawings, however the applicant is only required to demonstrate their extension is being built wholly within their ownership and boundary, which they demonstrated on the drawings.

“From our site inspection the extension is being built in accordance with the approved drawings apart from the position of a shower room window which is being dealt with.

“What we must stress is that issues relating to the party wall boundary are not conditions on the planning approval which are enforceable, but we issue advisory notes to the applicant which relates to the party boundary that need to be addressed under separate private legislation. The council cannot arbitrate between neighbours on matters relating to private legislation.

“The advice we have given Mr Robinson is to seek legal advice on the party wall issue, and if he is not happy with the way the application has been handled by us, to formally submit a complaint.”