A NEWLYWED couple’s first dance was ‘ruined’ after an LED dancefloor was not delivered to their evening party.

Beverley Crabtree and her wife Kelly, from Blackburn were lost for words after they arrived at the town’s Longshaw Sports and Social Club to find their party centrepiece had not been delivered.

Beverley, 25, married her fiancee, 31, just after their ninth anniversary of being a couple at the Blackburn and Darwen Council Register Office last month.

The couple, who are both studying health care, had paid a £150 deposit for the dancefloor to Lee Heckingbottom, who runs a DJ and dancefloor equipment business in the town.

Mrs Crabtree said she tried to get her deposit back from Mr Heckingbottom for several days, who had claimed he was waiting from the floor company to give him the money, but stopped replying to her messages and calls.

She said: “We were very annoyed when we arrived at the club to find we didn’t have a dancefloor.

“We wanted our first dance on there and we thought it was going to look amazing, but that was ruined.

“We tried to not let it spoil our day as we had just got married.

“We got to the club first to make sure everything was all right and it wasn’t there.

“I texted him on the day to find out what happened and he never got back to me.

“A few days later we exchanged messages saying he was owed the money from the company who provided the floor and he would get the money back to me.

“But it has been three weeks and he’s stopped replying to us completely.

“It’s made us angry because we’ve tried to get our money back and Lee is avoiding us. we feel as if we have been conned.

“We just want the money back. We’re both students and every penny counts.”

Mr Heckingbottom was contacted for a comment but failed to reply.