AN investigation is underway by police after 'dangerous' damage to dry stone walling.

Police said the damage took place at around 3pm on Thursday to the wall in Salterforth Road in Earby

Officers said three young men were seen at the scene and were thought to have been responsible.

Police have issued a warning about the dangers of damaging walls and encouarged people with information to get in contact.

A police spokesman said: "Not only has criminal damage been caused at a cost to the land owner but large stones fell into the road causing a danger to road users; particularly at night; but of course animals may have also escaped onto the road.

"This was a case where the 999 system could have been used, as a criminal offence was being commited at the time, causing a danger to road users."

Anyone with any information should contact

Officers also reminded that anyone reporting incidents or crimes that are not ongoing at the time can do so online by going to and going to 'report an incident or crime'.