CALLS for traffic light cameras to be installed on a 'dangerous' blind bridge have been made.

The concerns follow a series of 'near misses' on the Manchester Road canal bridge in Hapton.

Residents have said cars are running through red and amber lights and driving over the bridge, which forms a single lane, and narrowly missing oncoming traffic, unaware of what is ahead due to the steepness of the bridge.

The road has been subject to several incidents in previous years.

Estelle Thompson 17, was killed as a front-seat passenger in a Ford Ka that collided with a stone wall just past the humpback canal bridge in July 2014.

The bridge, near the Railway Inn, links Hapton to Padiham and Burnley without using the M65.

Concerned residents took to social media to express their concerns.

Chantelle Louise said: "I have had several near misses at the bridge over the last few months.

"People chancing the lights and putting us both at risk.

"Not being able to see what's coming before it's too late is dangerous and the new housing estate can surely only add to the increasing traffic that travels through Hapton."

Samantha Morris said: "I had one on Monday, we waited a few seconds then set off and a car jumped the light at the other side nearly head on collision with baby in car."

Peter Bird said "It appears the 'delay' between the lights coming into Hapton, the Padiham side of bridge, is not long enough to the 'out of Hapton' side.

"Twice in a matter of days I was stopped at the lower side, lights went to green, then set off, only to be met with a vehicle about to come over the bridge.

"Glares and horns a-plenty, and I'm not the only one."

Cllr Alan Hosker, who represents the area on Burnley Council, said: "There needs to be something done here because it is a very dangerous road.

"There needs to be cameras to catch people cutting through the lights, it's a major safety concern."

Marcus Leigh, area highways manager for Lancashire County Council, said: "Concerns have previously been raised with us about this section of Manchester Road. We've monitored the situation using temporary traffic cameras, and there didn't appear to be an issue on this bridge according to the information we gathered. As a result we have no plans to make changes.

"If you see someone failing to stop at traffic lights, you should report this to the police as a driving issue."