AN up-and-coming rapper has set his sights on reaching the top after a video of him performing at a convenience store went viral.

Andrew Kenyon, from Little Harwood, became a local celebrity after the video, filmed in Gills Convenience Store on Pelham Street, amassed more than 170,000 views on Facebook.

The 22-year-old, who has since been snapped up by Step On Management, said he ‘couldn’t believe’ the response the video has had.

He said: “I can’t believe it’s all happening to be honest.

“I had only rapped in front a few people before, so it’s mental to think so many people have heard my lyrics. Every lad who loves to rap dreams of something like this happening.

“I want to get my name out there, I want people to hear my lyrics and I want to represent my town. I want to be the best I can be and just smash it."

The father-of-one said he wrote his first rap when he was 14, and used his lyrics as a coping mechanism.

He said: “My first rap was about my sister being put into care.

“Since then, writing has always helped me cope, it’s like therapy.

“My raps are about my life. I try to be real so some are positive but then some are darker, they are very deep.

“I’ve got a lot of lyrics about my son as well.

“I just love music, every spare minute I’m writing lyrics, I don’t think I’ll ever stop.”

Newsagent Subash ‘Tony’ Sirpal, who filmed and posted the video on Facebook last Tuesday, said he was proud of Andrew and wants to help him reach the top.

He said: “I think he is very good and you can see that he has got talent.

“I am a businessman and he has been a good customer for seven years and I have seen him growing up.

“I though it as a good rapper as he came in last week and I put some music on in the shop from a YouTube video and I think there is potential in him.

“He is part of our neighbourhood and I will continue to support him.

“It is his dream for success and I am a positive that he can do it.”

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