‘CAMELOT made me the person I am today and it is so demoralising to see it rotting away.’

That is the view of BBC Radio Lancashire presenter and comedian Steve Royle who still recalls his time as an entertainer at the theme park.

Royle, who lives in Chorley, says he has such happy memories when he thinks back to his antics, in his 20s, and his spell at the venue saw him spend 13 years there.

Now, he thinks it is sad that the resort had to close.

“It was a massive thing not just for the people of Chorley but also the North West as it was a large theme park where people loved to go.

“I used to perform to 2,000 people a day and it helped make me the performer I am today.

“I was able to try out new material and if it worked it would go on my show.

"It was just a brilliant theme park and it was all about the family.

“If you wanted to go somewhere for a day out it was not like Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach where you had to queue for hours to get on the rides.

“It also had the reputation of having Britain’s largest jousting event and that brought people for the entertainment value.”

Last night, plans for 195 homes on the former theme park site were thrown out. Read more here. 

The comedian recalls living on a caravan at the back of the site.

“It is a shame as all the people took pride in it and loved it and it was there home.

“I remember going to the services at Charnock Richard to get a bottle of milk but it was a hive of activity with the nightclub.

“It is inevitable that it will be houses but it will depend on the size of them and anything is better than what it is.”