A 29-YEAR-OLD man was found hanged in his parents' home, an inquest heard.

Callum Francis Ashton was found dead in the laundry room after taking his life on July 10 last year.

The inquest at Burnley Magistrates’ Court heard Callum suffered with anxiety, low moods and frequently struggled to get to sleep.

Callum’s mother Hazel Ashton said a few weeks before her son’s death Callum told her: “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

She said: “A few weeks later after Callum had been to see his GP he said he did not want to be here anymore.

“I said 'why not go to the doctors and come with me' and he said 'there is nothing they can do'.”

Callum had an appointment with an NHS consultant psychiatrist on February 9 last year and this was the first time he had seen a doctor since 2014.

The doctor, who attended the inquest, said Callum’s sleeping problems were likely to have made him more anxious and that Callum’s binge drinking, which he admitted to doing once a week, would have contributed to the young man’s low moods.

The consultant psychiatrist said: “He binged on alcohol once a week and I said that could be a mood changer.”

However the doctor also said Callum’s mood had improved when he saw him in February and he did not want to take anti-depressants. The doctor said it seemed like Callum, of Douglas Road, Briercliffe, had a ‘positive future’ ahead of him.

He said: “(Callum) was quite aware of his own problems and knew exactly what was happening.

“He was also quite positive about the future and said he had applied for a few jobs.”

Callum’s mother questioned why the doctor had not prescribed medication to Callum if he knew her son was not sleeping well.

The doctor said: “It’s not good practice to provide tablets because it can lead to lots of problems of dependency.”

PC Melissa Fowler attended the death and confirmed there was no third party involvement or suspicious activity surrounding Callum’s death.

A post mortem examination found some alcohol in Callum’s blood system’.

Concluding that Callum had ‘committed suicide’, coroner Richard Taylor said the decision to take his own life was likely an ‘impulsive’ one and added: “It was a deliberate act. He went downstairs in the middle of the night, did not disturb anyone and hanged himself.”