A PARISH council has strongly criticised Lancashire County Council for failing to carry out a 'proper assessment' on the need for a pedestrian crossing in a village on the A59.

More than 500 people signed a petition in support of a campaign to create a pedestrian crossing on the A59 through Gisburn, where thousands of vehicles pass through.

County Hall responded to the petition saying it has a 'finite budget' and because the road currently has a good safety record, with no records of anyone being knocked down, it was not seen as a 'priority'.

Gisburn Parish Council have published a report stating County Hall has not followed its own policies on the assessment process. This was presented to councillors during a public meeting last Wednesday.

Parish Cllr David Waters, who is leading the campaign for the crossing, said: "We wrote to the County Council last July asking them to carry out an assessment of the need for a crossing. They replied saying because there hadn’t been any accidents, Gisburn was not a priority

"The county council needs to understand people in Gisburn are not going to be ignored.

"We have heard the pledges of support from our elected representatives and now we want to see some action.”

The parish council unanimously approved the report and will now send it to County Hall.