SPRING has sprung at Mrs Dowson’s farm.

Visitors to Clayton-le-Dale were invited to help out with bottle feeding the orphaned lambs, which have been abandoned by their mother, who arrived over the weekend.

Farmer Ethan Dowson said the farm will be open weekends, bank holidays and school holidays to those who want to try their hand at being farmers.

He said: “At the moment we are promoting the new arrivals we have on the farm. The orphaned lambs have to be bottle fed four every four hours, so visitors will be taking on the job for the day.

“A lot of children have no concept of the role farmers play in food, so it’s great to get them on the farm, making memories and learning about where food actually comes from.

“And if they understand where their food comes from, they will be able to make better decisions in the supermarket.”

Mr Dowson said he hopes the open days may encourage younger visitors to consider farming as a career.