A HUGE hound competed for the blue riband trophy of the dog world at Crufts.

Nana, a Newfoundland from Blackburn, won the working dog title which put her straight through to the final of Crufts’ most sought-after award, Best In Show. 

The three-year-old bitch is owned by Danielle Ball and has been competing in shows up and down the country in the run up to the biggest dog show on earth.

Speaking about their major achievement, Danielle said: “Nana is crackers, but she is brilliant and this just has not sunk in yet.

“We’ve been showing Nana since was old enough and we have had our confidence knocked a few times, but this wipes out all of those bad times.”

Out of 21,000 dogs which competed at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, Nana was one of the seven finalists who made it to the best in show final on Sunday evening. 

On the night a two-year-old whippet named Tease was crowned best in show, but that didn’t stop Nana and Danielle from having the time of their lives.

To make it to this stage of the competition, Nana first won her class, the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch class, then competed against every other bitch who had won their class to be announced best of breed. 

She then went up against other best of breeds in the working group of dogs, to be named group winner. 

Newfoundlands are large, strong dogs which were bred to pull nets for fishermen and haul wood from the forest.

The breed also has webbed-feet, which helps to make them exceptionally capable swimmers.

Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko said: “We are delighted to see Nana chosen as the group winner. 

“Nana and Danielle should be very proud of reaching the prestigious best in show final - it’s an incredible achievement and one that not many get to experience in their lifetime.”

“Nana is such an excellent dog who clearly has a great relationship with her owner, and seems very at home in the show ring.”