I would be very interested to know why Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council have recommended that a plan for 150 affordable houses to be built on a brownfield site should be refused.

Surely such housing is exactly what is required in Darwen and what has been encouraged by our MP Jake Berry and the Prime Minister Theresa May.

Blackburn with Darwen BC are very eager to encourage the building of 350 executive houses on what was, until recently, a green area that provided recreation opportunities for young and old.

Land which has now been sliced through by excavations to provide a “Road to nowhere” which will not solve any problems and will in fact create more.

Around 350 homes will generate at least 400 vehicles and where are the school places and medical facilities to be found.

Historic Hollins Mill homes plan in Darwen in doubt

My home and that of my close neighbour have already suffered a deluge of sludge from the field which rendered our garden paths unusable and dangerous.

This was a direct result of the removal of trees and blockage of streams.

A temporary channel has been dug to alleviate the problem but the damage to my neighbour’s garden shows no sign of clearing and it is affecting the sale of his property.

The only councillor taking any interest is our very hard working Roy Davies but the borough council choose to ignore him.

Surely it would be far better to build 150 affordable properties on derelict land with easy access to public transport and within easy walking distance to local schools, instead of swallowing up what little green space there is on this side of town for people to exercise themselves and their animals to say nothing of the wild life, rabbits, frogs, toads, grass snakes kestrels and the hedgehogs which are a great loss.

I no longer see horse riders galloping up the field but have often encountered them recently on tarmacadam roads.

Come on BwD council, take heed of what is on offer from this enterprising builder and give him the green light.

Eileen Eastham