COMPASSIONATE care workers have been praised for battling this week’s weather and continuing to support vulnerable and elderly people.

Staff at Crossroads Care in Clitheroe were quick to put others before themselves as they abandoned their cars, donned their wellies and set off on foot to care for others.

Desperate to make sure their most vulnerable patients were looked after, staff who weren’t even scheduled to be working called in to offer their services.

Manager of Crossroads Care, Jane Williamson, said the efforts of staff were simply amazing. She said: “Everybody has come together to make sure people are safe.

“Some of the girls, working on their days off, phoned in to say they would walk to the houses of people in their area to ensure they were OK and looked after.

“The team really came together, it was really fantastic.”

Some of the elderly clients that carers battled through the blizzards to see have nobody else around them, and rely on the staff to provide vital care.

Carer Janet Rushton admitted how proud she was to be part of such a caring team.

She said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to have such a great job and to work with so many lovely people.

“We all just wrapped up, pulled on our wellies and got on with it.

“Some of these people don’t have anybody else, they need us and are always so grateful to see us.

“I’m so proud of this amazing team.”

Care workers also earned praise from England’s chief nursing officer, Jane Cummings, and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services who tweeted: “Thank you to all the nurses, midwives and care staff who together with so many other clinical and non-clinical staff are doing so much to get to work and to patients’ homes to provide care and support in this weather.”

Kate Walsh, another carer, said: “The snow was unbelievable in Clitheroe.

“We had to walk to some clients but we didn’t mind! Providing food and medicine to our clients isn’t the only thing, they need company too, someone to have a cup of tea and a biscuit with.”