A DECORATED army major visited a school to inspire its pupils.

Major Naveed Muhammad MBE visited Blackburn Central High School as part of a home office initiative to celebrate and commemorate 100 years of Muslim contribution to the British army.

The major shared his life experiences with students of all backgrounds, from his early childhood and time in the army to being honoured by the queen in the honours list.

The talk was followed by a workshop during which the major explained the importance of hard work, dedication and acceptance in forging a successful career, be it in the army or a civilian field.

The visit was organised by ICT teacher Raja Farooq, who said Major Muhammad was a ‘huge motivation’ to students from all backgrounds.

He said: “It was an immense honour to have Major Naveed Muhammad MBE visit BCHS.

“With his multitude of accolades pinned to his lapel along with all that he has accomplished in his long and established career as a British Muslim in the British Army he was a huge motivation to our students of Muslim heritage, as well as students from other ethnic backgrounds. The major was involved in meeting a range of pupils throughout the school, reinforcing the school ethos ‘be the best you can be.’

“He explained to students of all backgrounds the importance of hard work and dedication and what those two core values can help you achieve in life.

“The major also stressed that to succeed in life, all students must be accepting and that accepting everyone they meet throughout their lives for who they are and being a good human and kind to all is a value that everyone should have.

“The major’s visit coincides with a very busy time of the year for BCHS students who will be going through stressful times of their own with their impending GCSEs. All students thanked the major for his words of wisdom.”