POT plants have been given a whole new meaning in Bicester after residents took to tackling potholes in their own unique way.

Flowers decorate a number of the defects, helping the town live up to its Garden Town status.

Residents Kizzy Burt and Alyson Eales said it is a wide-spread feeling that potholes are getting worse in the town, so decided to take the problem into their own hands.

Ms Burt said: "We had seen on Facebook a video which had gone viral showing people planting flowers in potholes in different countries.

"So we wanted to do the same, and maybe it sends a message to the powers that be to do something about it.

"The potholes have never been this bad before."

The pothole-planting pair, both from Bicester, took on the task on Tuesday when they headed out and filled in about 13 potholes with soil and flowers.

A series of pictures of the pothole plants were posted online in a Facebook group called Bicester & Surrounding Villages Chat, and have attracting a barrage of comments and support.

In less than 24 hours the social media post has been shared more than 130 times and attracted almost 800 likes.

Mrs Eales said: "We just wanted to give everyone a bit of a laugh really, too often its doom and gloom with everyone talking about potholes.

"It was brilliant, whilst we were out there people were stopping their cars to say well done or giving us the thumbs up.

"At the biggest crater in Churchill Road cars were actually stopping to let us carry on planting.

"We thought that if Bicester is going to be a Garden Town we can help out."

Ms Burt added: "So many people were smiling and saying 'well done' and how it needs doing.

"Some did ask if we could put a bit of tarmac in there instead."

It comes less than a year after residents in Steeple Aston filled potholes in the village with 100 bright yellow rubber ducks.

Earlier this month Oxfordshire County Council drafted in more staff and a new 'dragon patcher' to tackle the effects of a tough winter.

The machine, which blasts potholes with flames, will begin operating this month in a bid to restore road conditions after poor weather led to a rise in reports on reporting website Fix My Street, from 3,000 before Christmas to 7,000 during January.

Commenting on the pair's pothole pictures online, resident Ellie Thomspon said: "Brilliant, just right for our garden town status."

Another commenter, Joanne Williams, said: "Just brilliant, made me smile.

"Well done ladies, I am fed up of hitting the potholes in the dark - at least you can spot them with flowers in."

The planting protest did attract a few reservations from residents but another Facebook user Fiona Scaysbrook added: "Whether you agree with this or not its caught everyone's attention which is exactly the point.

"Personally I think it's brilliant made me smile."