PATIENTS have given a 'thumbs up' to treatment they've received at two hospitals, a survey has revealed.

The Beardwood Hospital in Blackburn and Gisburne Park Hospital were both praised for their quality of care.

In total, 99 per cent of patients who received care at Gisburne Park Hospital, in Park Road, Gisburn, said they would recommend the hospital to their family and friends.

The figure was 98.8 per cent for The Beardwood Hospital in Preston New Road.

Meanwhile, 98.2 per cent of patients at the hospital agreed that the quality of their nursing care was very good or excellent and 96.1 per cent would apply the same high rating to the standard of their accommodation.

Gisburne Park Hospital saw 97.8 per cent of patients agree that the quality of their nursing care was very good or excellent and 95.7 per cent who said the same about the standard of their accommodation.

The survey for the BMI Healthcare hospitals was conducted by survey operator Quality Health, which analysed questionnaire responses of 1526 patients between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

The same survey analysis and questions were conducted across the NHS.

Mr Richard Boden, lower limb, trauma and orthopaedic consultant at The Beardwood Hospital, said: “Education is paramount to providing exceptional care to patients and feedback is an essential part of education.

“I am exceptionally proud and fortunate to receive positive feedback from patients here at Beardwood hospital, I take all feedback seriously and use it to perfect the treatment I offer.

“As an Orthopaedic surgeon, I strive to perform the highest quality of surgery, using the most advanced materials and techniques.

“As a doctor I want to give patients the best health and function they can gain. I am grateful for all feedback on the care I give at Beardwood hospital, it is always used to guide my practice for the future.”

Consultant general surgeon at Gisburne Park Hospital Mr Lyndon Jones said: “Receiving feedback like this is really important because it provides me, as a consultant, with the reassurance that patients are receiving excellent care at this hospital.”

Within the past 12 months, both hospitals also been rated as good by inspectors at the Care Quality Commission.