A CHATTY cat has been making waves on the internet for a purr-culiar reason.

Ruby, a 16-year-old rescue cat, left carers in awe when she started to talk to them shortly after she arrived at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary back in January.

The mischievous moggy loves to chat so much that the sanctuary decided to share a video of her on social media, which has now received more than 3,000 views on Facebook.

The video shows Ruby in her home at the sanctuary, responding to members of staff as they greet her.

This is certainly not a case of cat’s got your tongue, as she is more than happy to respond to chatter from the staff.

Karen Weed, manager of the sanctuary, in Ramsbottom, has said Ruby has become a star since she demonstrated her hidden talent to staff.

“She’s a really friendly cat and gives us all a good laugh.

“When you go over to her, she just starts talking to you, she’s very vocal. When we noticed how much her meows sounded like a real human saying ‘hello’ we just had to share it!”

Ruby arrived at the sanctuary back at the start of January when her owners were going to put her down as they were moving to Australia.

Covered in fleas, Ruby has now developed a flea bite allergy, which requires monthly treatment.

“Her owners also told us that she was 12-years-old, but it turns out she’s actually closer to 16.

“She has a great personality and really loves affection,” Karen said.

Talking about the difficulties the shelter faces when it comes to rehoming older animals, Karen admitted that older cats were particularly difficult to find homes for, meaning they can be in the shelter for months.

Because of her tender age, Ruby ideally needs a home where she can be kept indoors.

Staff at the sanctuary say Ruby would make a great addition to any home as she loves nothing more than to curl up on your lap and have a cuddle.

Ruby is just one of over 350 animals currently cared for by the sanctuary.

If you could offer Ruby a home, contact Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary on 01706 822577.