TWO women showed their hunger for democracy by holding a 24-hour fast.

East Lancashire Green Party members Jean West and Julie Stubbins carried out the action co-ordinated by Make Votes Matter - to mark 100 years since women won the vote.

As well as highlighting the need for proportional representation, Ms West said they completed the fast to show solidarity to suffragettes and suffragists who often carried out hunger strikes when they were wrongly imprisoned.

Ms West, 64, who lives in Great Harwood, said: “It was a one-off for both of us. We particularly wished to recognise through fast the brave women who risked everything in their campaign for the voting rights of women.

“Fasting is what the suffragettes and suffragists did when they were wrongly imprisoned. As a consequence of that, they were forced fed to the detriment of their own health. We thought this was a very barbaric thing to do to them and that’s why we thought doing the fast was very appropriate.

“It was something we could resonate with, especially considering what is going on now with women striving for equality and equal pay.”

The 24-hour fast ran from 8pm last Monday to 8pm last Tuesday.

Ms Stubbins, who chairs the East Lancashire branch of the Green Party, said: “We all too easily take for granted the right to freely vote for men and women. Millions worldwide are wrongly denied this freedom.”

A spokesman for make votes matter said: “A century ago, around 70 per cent of the adult population were not allowed to vote. Thanks to decades of struggle by suffragists and suffragettes, most adults can now vote - but millions of us still do not have a vote that counts.

"Sixty eight per cent of votes had no impact on the makeup of Parliament in the 2017 general election. If you want Parliament to reflect the people, join the movement and help win the biggest leap forward for UK democracy in 100 years.

“We know that we live in a world where people still go hungry and discrimination impacts too many of us. We aim to honour these realities, and contribute to a society where such inequality and injustice is overcome. Contribute what funds you can and help Make Votes Matter, a women’s rights and food bank charity we’re supporting through #Hungry4Democracy."