A 32-YEAR-OLD woman died after taking her own life, an inquest heard.

Amy Charlotte Hunt, from Blackburn, was found dead at the Heaton Street Salvation Army residence where she lived in Blackburn on September 17 last year.

The inquest at Preston Coroner’s Court heard Miss Hunt had left a written note which indicated she took her own life and there was boxes of medication in her room which she was not prescribed for.

Lancashire with Blackburn and Darwen area Coroner James Newman ruled Miss Hunt died from a methadone overdose and she had taken her own life.

He said: "Amy Charlotte Hunt had a history of substance use and overdoses.

"She was found unresponsive and unrecoverable in her room at the Salvation Army in Heaton Street.

"The mechanism as which she died and the written note found are evidence of suicide, which is my conclusion."

Mr Newman also said issues in her personal life had 'coincided with her deterioration of her mental health' before she died.

Dr Muammer Al-Mudhaffer, who carried out the postmortem at Royal Blackburn Hospital, said Miss Hunt was found with 'fatally toxic' levels of methadone in her body, along with therapeutic doses of other substances.

He concluded the death was caused by a 'methadone overdose'.

The inquest heard Miss Hunt had a 'history of drug issues, self harm and suicide attempts' and had referrals to mental health services dating back to 2002.

The inquest heard police were called to the scene on Sunday, September 17 at around 7.40am.

Inspector Mark Saunders attended the scene and said Miss Hunt was found 'lying face down on her bed clothed'.

He said in a statement: "At the property a note was found.

"The note had been making references to having been thinking about suicide for a few weeks."

Mr Newman said staff at the Salvation Army said staff discovered medication not prescribed to Miss Hunt when they found her in her room at around 7.30am.

He said: "Staff received a call for help and were told to bring the defibrillator

"In her room they saw medication on bedroom window sill which she knew was not prescribed to Amy."

A statement was read out from staff at the Inspire drug and alcohol rehabilitation service in Blackburn stating they had been having meetings from April 2015.

An inquest heard she had been looking to move away from substance use and was 'keeping busy by going to bingo and seeing family.'